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We are Advanced Powder Coatings, and we specialize in sandblasting and powder coating to give your metal projects a fresh, polished look that will last for years. Our secret to creating amazing finishes is our meticulous preparation and thorough quality control. We can handle any project, big or small — from rusty patio furniture to huge industrial equipment. Our local reputation speaks for itself. And with our lightning-fast turnaround times, competitive pricing and a top-notch facility that's always up to date, you can expect only the best. And if there's ever a problem with the quality of work, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right. That’s why you should always trust Advanced Powder Coatings to take care of your metal projects and get the results you need!

Areas We Serve

We are a powder coating company operating in San Antonio, TX, and we offer our professional services in the following areas and their nearby communities:

  • Kirby, TX
  • Leon Valley, TX
  • Converse, TX
  • Live Oak, TX
  • Universal City, TX
  • Schertz, TX
  • New Braunfels, TX
  • Pleasanton, TX
  • Seguin, TX
  • Canyon Lake, TX
  • Hondo, TX
  • San Marcos, TX
  • Kyle, TX
  • Kerrville, TX
  • Lockhart, TX

What Makes Powder Coating Different From Other Finishes?

While there are many types of finishes available for metal surfaces, powder coating is a highly-preferred choice for all kinds of clients. But what makes it different and popular? First, it is a dry finishing process that involves applying a dry powder to a metal surface. This powder is typically made of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, and it is applied using an electrostatic spray gun. Second, unlike other finishes such as paint or plating, powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension. This means that it is more environmentally friendly and has a lower risk of emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Third, powder coating is highly durable and resistant to chipping, scratching and fading. It can withstand exposure to UV radiation, moisture and extreme temperatures better than many other types of finishes. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor equipment and structures, automotive parts and other applications where durability is essential. Finally, powder coating can produce a range of attractive finishes, from matte to glossy, and it can be customized to match specific colors and textures. Overall, the combination of durability, environmental friendliness and aesthetic versatility makes powder coating a popular choice for many metal finishing applications.

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Do you want that picture-perfect finish for your car? Or do you need to give color to your outdoor furniture and more? Then let Advanced Powder Coatings handle the job! We offer high-quality powder coating and sandblasting services that are sure to impress! Request a service quote by filling out our contact form or calling us at (210) 650-5800.